• Filter Funnel Manifolds for MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels 필터 펀넬 매니폴드
    • No adapters or rubber stoppersrequired to hold the filter funnelin place.
    • Works with all Pall Life SciencesMicroFunnel filter funnels, includingthe 100 mL and 300 mL sizes.
    • Durable aluminum and stainlesssteel construction for easy cleanupand compatibility with manychemicals.
    • Single-place manifold has a smallfootprint that reduces the needfor large counter space.
    • Single-place manifold is easilyportable for moving around a labor offsite, and easy to store outof the way.
  • Filter Funnel Manifolds 필터 펀넬 매니폴드
    • Independent operation. Each funnel location has individual portcontrol valves.
    • Lightweight and durable foreasy handling.
    • Saves money. Less costly thanstainless steel filter funnel manifolds.
    • Large port opening makessanitizing easy.
    • Versatile. Accommodates both25 and 47 mm filter funnels.
    • Aluminum manifolds available witheither 3 or 6 places.
  • Filter Funnel Manifold 매니폴드
    • 316L Stainless Steel 재질
    • 모든 Pall Life Science Micro Funnel 필터에 사용 가능
    • Pall에서만 제공하는 장착이 편리한 마그네틱 필터 Funnel
    • 매니폴드는 (왼쪽, 오른쪽) 어느 방향이든 바꿔가며 사용 가능
    • 다양한 화학물질 호환성
    • 3구(P/N 4889) 제공
    • Maker : PALL / USA