Filteration System

  • AcroPrep™ 24 Filtration System 필터시스템
    • Reduces labor time by 20 minutesper carousel over the conventional syringe filter technique.
    • No need to use cumbersome,individually wrapped, disposablesyringes. Use disposable pipette tipswhich are less costly, easier to use,and require less bench space.
    • Designed for use with WatersAlliance HPLC systems.
    • Pall_s HPLC certification ensuresthat analytical results will not becompromised by extractable filtermaterial.
    • No cross-contamination. Each1.9 mL well is individually sealed,ensuring your sample will accuratelydispense into the Waters Alliancesample carousel* with no crosscontamination or splashing.
    • Materials of construction areidentical to Pall_s Acrodisc® syringefilters; if you are currently usingAcrodisc syringe filters, this willreduce the requirements forvalidation of the AcroPrep 24filter plates.
    • Can be used with any conventional12 x 32 mm vials; simply transferyour filtered samples from theWaters Alliance sample carouselto any HPLC sample carousel thathouses 12 x 32 mm vials and save both time and labor.Can be used to process fewer than24 samples. Simply label used wellsor isolate unused wells with parafilmfor application at a later time.
  • VacuCap® and VacuCap PF Vacuum Filtration Devices PF진공 필터디바이스
    • Filter faster. Supor® membraneprovides high flow rates.
    • No need to constantly refill upperfluid reservoir. Draws directly fromthe mixing reservoir.
    • Eliminates the possibility ofcontamination from transfer steps.
    • Filters directly into the desiredcontainer.
    • Match filter to sample volume bychoosing from two sizes.
    • Available built-in prefilter increasesthroughput of particulate-ladensolutions such as serum-containingmedia.
    • Environmentally-friendly with minimalplastic waste.
    • Patented small design accepts avariety of collection vessels andreduces storage space and waste.
    • TA version available with tubingattached to each device formaximum convenience.
    • Sterilization by gamma irradiationeliminates potential contaminationby EtO residuals.