Syncronize System

    • 4" x 6" breadboard with 1" x 3" cutout for mounting and viewing a slide or microfluidic chip with the SVM340 synchronized video microscope.
    • Maker : Labsmith / USA
  • LC880 Controller LC880 컨트롤러
    • LabSmith_s LC880 coordinates, integrates and synchronizes complicated physical experiments
    • Simply and affordably. With 8 timing channels, logic integration, unique timing modes and 10 ns resolution
    • Maker : Labsmith / USA
  • LC220 Controller LC220 컨트롤러
    • The two channel LC220 integrates and synchronizes complex physical experiments.
    • Featuring logic-based triggering and timing modes unavailable in any other system,
    • LC220 is a smarter digital delay generator, for authoritative control over lasers and test apparatus
    • Maker : Labsmith / USA
  • TT1680 Controller TT1680 컨트롤러
    • LabSmith_s TT1680 coordinates the timing and synchronization of the most demanding applications.
    • With 16 inputs, 16 timing processors, two logic stages and eight outputs, the T
    • T1680 outperforms a rack full of digital delay generators, gates, timers, filters and cables.
    • Maker : Labsmith / USA